Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital

For our Visitors

Are you a planning a visit to Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital? Here is all of the information you need to know.

For the Family

At Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital we encourage family members and carers to actively take part in supporting your recovery and future plans.

Visiting hours are generous  and very welcomed. Some in-patient stays can be between 8 to 14 days or longer depending on the condition and the treatment required. It also can depend on the family and home situation and after hospital care availability. The support of loved ones and friends is very important to the psychological and emotional well being of the recovering person,

The hospital boast a beautiful sunny courtyard and dining  area that you may enjoy with your guests.

Your pets may visit you while an inpatient. Please check with the Nursing staff prior to bringing in your pet for any special instructions. 


Where We Are

Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital is based just a couple of kilometres west of Parramatta CBD.
Located just at the intersection of The Great Western Highway and Coleman Street, Merrylands West.


Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are 10am - 8pm 




Parking is available on site or on the nearby residential streets, just a couple of minutes walk to the hospital.