Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital

A purpose built Private Hospital conveniently located 3kms from the Parramatta CBD

Welcome to Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital

Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital has been  specifically designed for the purpose of rehabilitation. With a strong focus on patient care, the multi-disciplinary team  will  work together to support all your recovery needs as well as any medical needs.

Since opening in 2005, Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital has become  very well known for its superior care in orthopaedics, cardiac, neurological and reconditioning therapies for rehabilitation.  Inpatient stay as well as the opportunity for patients to return on day programs and out patient therapies such as Hydrotherapy and Spasticity, ensure maximum recovery. We receive referrals from the top surgeons and specialists in Sydney and our staff are kept updated with all their post-operative protocols and expectations.

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